Perfect Praise

“God doesn’t ask me to be perfect; He asks me to praise.” Ann Voskamp

Have you ever gotten sidetracked? Or upset because someone was placing demands on you? Or discouraged because you can’t keep up with all your work?

I’ve been there. A lot. I am lazy at times, so some of that unfinished work is my own doing or distraction. But even on good days, there is more to be done than what is accomplished.

Nevertheless. Ann Voskamp’s statement hit me between the eyes this morning and I felt compelled to share it with you. Maybe someone else is trying to hit perfection and missing the mark repeatedly. Let us learn to keep our joy because we have Jesus, not because we’ve got our act together.

God loves me even though I fail miserably. He’s looking at me to see if I’m looking at Him. Are my eyes focused on Him? Can I praise Him through it all? Help me, Lord, to see you.


P.S. I will return in two weeks with a post on nutrition.

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