When Life Takes a Turn

What's around the corner?

What’s around the corner?

Yes, so I am supposed to be blogging about Leptin Resistance and then on to the wide world of Editing. In fact, I am way late on that.

However, life has taken an unexpected turn. My husband, The Genius, saw the doctor on Monday and that has turned our life upside down. To summarize, we are waiting for word as to what type of Lymphoma Cancer he has.

Talk about a sharp corner.

The above was written December 16th and it is now January 18th where we are still waiting to see what is Around The Corner. We have heard from our doctor and they don’t expect The Genius to have cancer. Insert huge sigh of relief. But. There is still something not right and so we wait for test results.

Praying, waiting, trusting. So hard to do, but essential.

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